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Jutsu Database

This page is only the start of our growing Jutsu database. Each Jutsu has multiple classifications, the first being the type and the second being the rank. The rank of skill defines the difficulty and level of skill needed to learn the jutsu at hand.

Jutsu Types

  • Genjutsu – Illusionary Techniques that require chakra similar to ninjutsu, but affect the brain disrupting senses.
  • Ninjutsu – Ninja Techniques that require the use of chakra and vary in purpose.
  • Taijutsu – Body Techniques that dont always use chakra, and therefor affect a persons stamina, and is much quicker than other types.


  1. Some of these may be considered forbidden, and are typically used by Kage’s or some high-level Jonin. These techniques require a high level of control.
  2. Most Jonin-level ninjas will have these techniques in their arsenal. These techniques will require a high amount of chakra to use.
  3. Chunin Level techniques, and in some cases genin ninja can train hard for these techniques.
  4. Typically available to all genin, however some ninja focus on there preferred type.
  5. These are basic fundamentals learned through the academy.


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